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Idea we'd like to hack for at this event

We propose to make a public directory of incidents of violation of human rights, corruption or any cause for which there is an active NGO / help group, and link those incidents with the NGOs which might help resolving the problem in the issue.

Idea is that we compile a database of NGOs and different causes they support, and a database of incidents that relate to the causes in our directory. We have interfaces for this directory (mobile apps, web apps, some crazy thing someone might make) which assist entering, accessing and processing this data. All the data is publicly available for anyone to access via APIs.

Along with this directory, we make a mobile and web app for entering data to this directory. The mobile app provide people an interface to click images, enter text, take videos etc, and web app allow them to upload multimedia, documents etc and according to their entered data the app suggest them the NGO which might be capable of taking some action for this particular incident. Users are anonymous (by design of the system) for their submissions. NGOs to which user decide to report the incident might allow/deny to make the incident public.

It's more like a wikipedia model for reporting incidents, anyone can see which events are reported to the NGO and how they are responding to it. This provide common people "do something" about the wrong things going around them, and allow people to judge how good an NGO is. There are plenty of NGOs around and it'd be naive to assume they are all legitimate.

NGOs can have dedicated accounts in our directory to which we directly submit the incidents reported by individuals, or if some NGOs are not signed up with our directory, we have services which send them complete report of the incident via email.

Our app also allow people to check the defaulters around them according to their location.

Moderators can moderate certain incidents and make them "not public" or "accessible only via link" based on things like "not enough proof" etc.

Use Case:
Most small/mid-size restaurants I've seen always have small kids working as waiters. If I have this app, I can take pics of the children working, make a video of how owner is dealing with them, etc, and entering "child labour" would suggest me NGOs which might take some action about this. If I'd have time I might write a small report or not, and report the incident to one or more NGOs. My name never came out, neither anyone ever come to know who submitted this report. These NGOs now may or may not take some action about this particular incident, but it is always better to shed light on things that might never get a ray. Even if NGOs decide not to take any action, this report will be available publicly (unless moderators decide it's false or illegitimate) for general public.

Similarly a whole lot of incidents can be reported like:
My neighbours have a small girl as servant whom I rarely see going out. She might be a victim of human trafficking
This medical shop in my neighbourhood sell drugs to kids here but nobody seem to take any action against it (this happens a lot in Punjab, everyone knows which shops are selling drugs "publicly" but police gets its share)
This dude in this office (I don't want to disclose my position in relation to him) sexually harass female co-workers but nobody has reported him because he is relative of boss

Even if we don't report these incidents to NGOs, even if NGOs don't do anything, having such incidents available with (or without) proof can make a difference.


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