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Announcing the winners

The votes are in! Go to the gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the excellent submissions.

Even though the competition is over, don't stop hacking. Use your portfolio to keep your project up to date and get feedback from fellow makers.

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Submission reminder

Team -

Hope you are getting ready for the final submissions. Final submission time is nearing. Please get yourselves prepared. Good luck.

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Demo Guidelines

¨Pitch – 4 mins

¨Q & A – 2 mins

¨Jury Evaluation – 1 min

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Submission guidelines

- Please make sure you commit your code no later than 4 pm on Nov 9th 2014

- Ensure you update the screenshots and Video of your demo

- Please submit your github URL along with your submissions

¨PPT isn’t mandatory for the pitch

¨But Demo is mandatory

¨Ensure your pitch has the below elements

¤High level concept of your idea in a minute

¤Big problem or opportunity that’s addressed?

¤Solution, Potential, Reach and Gains.

¤Usage of Open Source Technologies

- Good to have:

¨Traction and Proof from Social Media

¨Host it online / Ready with Sample Mobile

¨We recommend…

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Driving directions to the Venue

Find below driving directions to eBay Inc. Opportunity Hack event

  • At Bellandur, Outer Ring Road, RMZ Ecospace entry, mention you are a participant for Opportunity Hack event hosted by eBay, PayPal
  • Take Right at Pritech Park entry gate (Inside RMZ Ecospace, Watch out for signage boards)
  • Keep to your left side to go to Building 11
  • Enter Lower basement parking of Building 11 (check out for signage boards)
  • Go to 8th floor, Building 11, eBay-PayPal reception

eBay/PayPal Offices
Block 11, 8th Floor,
Pritech Park, Inside RMZ Eco Space,
Outer ring road, Bellandur, Bangalore 560103

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Registration Procedure

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response. For logistics purpose, we would like to have the list of confirmed participations.

This week end, if you have decided to spend your time hacking for social cause, please fill up your details in the following doc.




- Please fill up your details in the above doc

- Registrations will happen between 8am to 9am on Nov 8th (Saturday). Entry is strictly based on 'First come First serve'

- Participants are requested to bring their own laptops to the event

- Participants are requested to bring their own accessories like mouse,…

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Registrations Closed

Thanks for the overwhelming response. We have received more registrations than expected. We are closing the registrations for now.

For the people who have registered for the event , please stay tuned. We will keep you updated with the driving directions, instructions, etc.

Thank you. Happy Hacking for a Social cause!!!


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Updated the rules.

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All ideas submitted by participants (as opposed to non-profits) MUST 

- Either serve disadvantaged populations or  
- Address a broad social issue (e.g. healthcare, education)
- Meets the needs of the target audience

If you have your own idea that meets these criteria that you’d like to hack for at the event -

Post it on the DISCUSSION BOARD as a new discussion by 11:59 pm Thursday Nov 6th. If your idea does not meet the contest guidelines we will inform you by Friday Nov 7th.

Bring your own team to the event to hack for this idea or recruit…

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Hashtag for the event

Hi all -

Please spread this message by using #OpportunityHackBLR among the developers and NGO communities.