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I.Us.We - FoodNetwork (Join the team - Lets Hack)

The idea is to enable the society to volunteer and help the underprivileged with food security. Originally, its a plan to collect food from citizens on subscription basis to feed the homeless.

We encourage caring citizens to subscribe and pledging to donate one to three Indian bread's (Roti) every week - Thursdays/saturdays, (first phase) which is collected by volunteers and supplied to the homeless.

The idea is simple but the main challenge is managing Logistics and volunteers.

Phase two of the project includes scaling up the operations to include more regions, newer subscribers, volunteers, including picture and video testimonials.. and collecting the food supplies every day (A pledge to give 1 Roti everyday)

The initial working model is in place and we have 5 subscribers with delivery to the homeless in Kr market from Basavanagudi area.

We propose to create a web app or a Mobile app where new subscribers/volunteers may be able to register and notify when their Roti is ready (before 9 pm) so that pickups maybe scheduled and the logistics may be guided, testimonials maybe collected and shared with the subscribers and volunteers.

Logistics - Decentralized initially, and centralized for 2nd Phase of development.

Those interested to join this cause or would like to share ideas may mail saphuvanhusain@gmail.com

Peace and love! Lets hack!
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    Me in.

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    This sounds interesting. Pm you.

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