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Get me a Plumber Quickly!

Get me a Plumber Quickly!

How about a mobile App which gets you servicemen (Plumber, Electrician, laborers, toilet cleaners, laundry services, gas maintainer, stove/fridge/AC repair, cook, knife sharper.....) at your doorstep in no time. I just need to choose a service i need and click send. A local servicemen (nearest to me) is gonna call me back and the deal is closed. Woaah!!

How it works?
Assuming local servicemen are registered with their phone number and geo location, the App filters out the nearest local servicemen to client and let their requirement to nearest service-men. The service provider gets a text message on his phone with the complaint and calls the client back to confirm the time of repair. Here the deal is done and the client gets his stuff fixed.

What a service-men need?
He just needs his phone number registered with the App.

Why this App?
Because my tap is leaking since morning and i don't know whom to call and i want it fixed right away? An App? Sounds good.. hurray!!

Final words:
We are trying to expose the local servicemen who neither have a website, nor has a smart-phone with internet running and whose bushiness is subjected to walking-by customers only !!. We get business for them and help them scale their service to the people, at the same time bringing services to people's door-step. So when next time I need an electrician, I am going to get it with just a click.

Tech to be used:
Backend: Django, python, any third party API to send text msg (twilio or txtweb), Elastic-search.
Front end: JS, Jquery, AJAX, Bootstrap, Metro-UI, html, css.
Porting to mobile: phonegap, ionic or likes.


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    Hi - This is a nice idea. But for this Hackathon we have decided to entertain the ideas which would help the society.
    - Either serve disadvantaged populations or
    - Address a broad social issue (e.g. healthcare, education)
    - Meets the needs of the target audience

  •   •   almost 6 years ago

    I understand.
    So we are trying to modify the idea by helping the society by connecting local small-scale vendors (electricians, plumbers, medical shops, laborers, toilet cleaners, laundry services, and other similar servicemen) who are not reachable to customers on demand and have minimal exposure to internet technologies.
    Currently these servicemen roam around for their livelihood and accessing them on need is difficult and only possible via some shopkeepers who know them personally. Our effort is to fill this gap, free of cost.
    Thanking in anticipation :)

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    I am in for this.

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    Other team-mates: @medhaanand93 , @nidhi199verma , @unstableme

  •   •   almost 6 years ago

    i am in.

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